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Although Indievisuals is a multimedia company, the foundation on which it stands has always been - and always will be - deeply rooted in the live music experience. I started out playing in bands on the local music scene back in the late 80s and continue to do so to this day. Here is a short history of my musical career:

At age 13 I began hanging around local punk bands and snuk into any show I could. I was just learning to play guitar and found myself busking on the street over the next few years. Sometime in 87 I met some musicians who were also busking and became friends. Then one day out of the blue in summer of 89 a couple of the guys I had met asked me if I wanted to join their band The Method. The band had been around a few years and was known to many, so it was already a flying circus when I got onboard. Over the next couple years I earned my place and put my heart and soul into the band.

However, sometime in late 1990 things began to boil over. Then in early 1991, out of the burning embers of The Method, core members John Devious, Kord Lord, and I decided it was time to forge a new path. The Method had become too notorious to book into local venues and the band's sound had become diluted with too many members and after a final spectacle at the Town Pump the Method was dibanded and a few days later we re-grouped as a power trio under the name Funkyard.

Over the next decade, Funkyard became more than a band, it was a way of life. We formed Circus Maximus Records and recorded many local bands in our studio Big Boss Sound. We opened up an after hours venue called the Phunky Toad which became a local favorite for bands and patrons alike. First it was a cozy lounge at Hastings near Renfrew, then moved to the enormous building at Main & Terminal, between Main Mini Storage and the Fontile Corp. There was also a brief stint on Prior st in the old Money's Mushrooms building, and even became a legally licensed venue at 212 Carral street for several months. We had also opened up a 24 hour cafe/art gallery on Cordova called the Magic Theatre.

Apart from running the Toad, we had played every concievable local venue numerous times and started putting on shows in parks and at the Art Gallery, basically anywhere we could drag a PA to was fair game. We were also booking small tours down the West coast as far South as San Diego and made some excursions Eastward through the praries. We played every weekend at either some event we put on, or at the very least, at the Toad so essentially not a week went by that we were not playing somewhere.


photo by Patrick Parenteau

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